JS Saddlery history and Traditions


JS Saddlery Owner, James Sturgeon, showed an interest in his grandfather’s saddle building craft at a very early age. Grandfather Bill Farrow founded his own saddle shop in the early 1960’s, working leather as a hobby. He began helping the Arizona Game and Fish Department with repairs on their saddles, and other leather tack and equipment. Over time, his hobby grew into a full time business.

Bill Farrow believed in the old way of saddle making. This was the method he taught to James. For the past 40 years, “Bill Farrow’s Custom Saddlery” was located in Laveen, Arizona. James came to work at the saddle shop full time after he was discharged from the military. After his grandfather’s death, he continued helping out his grandmother with saddle making in the shop. After a time, James’ grandmother felt that his love for the saddle making craft, the customers and saddle business left by her late husband was enough to turn the saddle making business over to James.

After purchasing the shop, James changed the name to “Bill’s Saddle Shop” in memory of his late grandfather. James still carries on that same craftsmanship and tradition today. James creates hand made, custom saddles, chaps, chinks, head stalls, breast collars and any other horse gear needed by working or pleasure cowboys and cowgirls.

In the last 1990’s James became interested in the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting and started participating in the sport. The sport required period style saddles, gun holsters, gun bags, and tack. Shooter Alan Eggleston is just one of the many athletes and ranch owners using saddles and tack designed and created by JS Saddlery. James’ easily accommodates either cowboy or cowgirl and meet the needs of the mounted shooter, rancher, trail rider, barrel racer – anyone who enjoys the sport of horseback riding!

Since 2003 the housing boom began to crowd “Bills Saddle Shop”. James and his Ramona (Mona) began thinking of wider spaces and better views. They found their new home in Cliff, New Mexico where they have received a warm welcome.

Along with their new home, James and his wife Mona have built a brand new 40×60 saddle shop and upgraded some of their equipment. After 18 years, James decided to change the name to of the saddle shop to “JS Saddlery”. James finally feels it is time to have a saddle shop with his own name on it and he plans to be around for the next 50 years.

At “JS Saddlery” you can be sure you’ll continue to receive the same custom saddle and tack quality as you have over the past 40 years. Come on in, the coffee pot is always on. Let us guide you through the exciting process of creating your own custom saddle and tack.

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